Thursday, June 30, 2011

Trippy Tripoli and Fantastic Interns

This week's challenge to use the new tangle, "Tripoli" was a great opportunity to stretch  and take a trip to someplace new. As I made multiple tiles, mostly white or gold and turquoise on black, I struggled quite a bit with wiggly lines, and attempting to fit variations within the small triangle spaces.  So, it began:

Why isn't my hand steadier?  
Why doesn't this triangle fit in the circle the way it is supposed to?  
Why do all the other people posting on this challenge have such amazing results from this tangle? 

BUT, I kept going, and then I recalled the Zentangle blog post  reminding us that "With Zentangle, there's no need to allow "better" (or even worse, "perfection") to hold you back from the "good" of enjoying putting pen to paper . . . one stroke at a time."  How great that Rick and Maria, Zentangle's founders, continually provide the right context for this amazing artform. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

" Verdigogh, say hi to Dex"

Well, guess what?  The Diva's challenge to use Verdigogh and Dex tangle patterns for this week was definitely a challenge as I confess this is the first time I've made Dex. I, too, tend to tangle my favorites repeatedly and  somehow I must have missed the Zentangle newsletter with this pattern.  I love grid patterns and chose the method as in Cubine instead of the Cadent method to make Dex.  Shading was fun, although I may have had a heavy hand on this one!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Spiraling out of control and into my first BeTangled blog post

The Diva's weekly challenge  to use a spiral string was absolute fun.  Here are a couple simple Zentangles in white on black with my favorite Sakura Gelly Roll white pen.  Thanks, Diva, for the awesome challenges.  I enjoyed this so much,  it motivated me to (finally) start my  blog.  To see some incredible Zentangles and the weekly challenge, go here: