Friday, November 9, 2012

Challenge ~ SOCC

This week is "Use My Tangle" week at the Diva's Zentangle Challenge.  And the random winner is CZT, Erin Olson and her delightful tangle SOCC.  I highly recommend reading the great story of this tangle, here on her blog if you haven't seen it yet. It speaks to some of my favorite qualities in the Zentangle community.

This is the first time I tried SOCC and I really like it for the contrast and dimension of the tangle.  SOCC is a keeper, for sure. Since we had our first snow this week, I decided to prop the tile on the piano for a different background/frame, just for fun.

Thanks Erin and Diva.  It is a pleasure to hop back into the weekly challenge.  Keep tangling everyone!