Thursday, September 13, 2012

Art Teachers Embrace Zentangle!

OK, I admit it.  I took the summer off.  Went to the beach many times, and enjoyed family, friends, and the spectacular weather here in Little Rhody, the Ocean State.  I was so relaxed, I didn't even keep up with the weekly Diva Challenge.  But summer always flies by and this one did too.  Back to reality and fall routines.  And, for many, back to school!

This past week I was able to share Zentangle in a workshop for 8 AWESOME art teachers in Barrington.  Let's just say they took to Zentangle like ducks to water!  We  talked about the relaxed focus that is achieved by tangling, and quickly got right into the Zentangle zone by learning several tangle patterns and creating 2 tiles.  This was a wonderfully creative, enthusiastic, and open-minded group of teachers who clearly have so much to offer their students.  They really seemed to relish the opportunity to take a pause and relax and create and learn a new art form.  

The following mosaics are from this workshop and show what they did.  If you look carefully you may notice that the second mosaic has an extra tile included "just to even things out".  It was such a pleasure teaching this group.