Tuesday, February 12, 2013


So this week, the Diva Challenge celebrates Chinese New Year and the Year of the Snake.  My "snake" in the top tile is pretty abstract, but you can -- hopefully -- imagine a little snake!

The second and third tiles are ones I tangled for the previous week's challenge using Margaret Bremner's wonderful tangle, Dansk.  This is a fabulously fun tangle and if you haven't seen the step out instructions they are here.  I had no time to post, as here in New England, we were just a wee bit distracted by a wild blizzard.  We had snow, thunder snow (!), high winds, trees and branches down, and, many people were without power for quite some time.  It makes you appreciate the things we take for granted, like electricity and heat!

Happy Tangling, one and all and thanks for the feedback!