Thursday, December 20, 2012

NINETY-NINE.... ONE HUNDRED... Dancing Divas!

This week we celebrate the 100th weekly "I am the Diva" Zentangle Challenge with a special new tangle.  Introduced and offered by Zentangle founders, Rick and Maria, the Diva Dance is pure fun.  Check it out yourself here.   I used the tile I started for last week's challenge with the looped string.  I ran out of time to complete it for last week, so I decided to combine efforts on this go-round.  Sort of like multitasking I guess. 

So today, December 20, the Diva Challenge is two years old, and guess what?  So is our wonderful chocolate lab, Mocha.We got Mocha as a little puppy in Feb 2011 on the day my mother-in-law passed away.  He turned out to be the best therapy in the world for our family and the sweetest darn doggie around. Here is his picture.
Happy Birthday Mocha!

Finally, let me take this moment to wish everyone peace and love and the comfort of family and friends during this holiday season and, as always, happy tangling everyone!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Challenge ~ Keenees!

If you would like to smile, just start tangling Keenees:)  I use it often and have included it in my classes too. I like the way it looks and appreciate the fact it doesn't require much concentration.  So, I was really happy to see this tangle was chosen for the Diva's weekly challenge.  If you haven't seen this weekly event yet, check it out right here.  A big thank you to Diva, and also to CZT, Donna Hornsby, for Keenees.  Here is the blog post where Donna introduces Keenees.

For a second item to share, here is  a pair of boots I tangled, and Keenees found its way to this Zentangle- inspired fun as well!  (Left picture, left boot) These boots were on their way to the consignment store when I decided to give them new life instead.

Happy tangling everyone!