Monday, January 27, 2014

Zentangle Club Davisville Middle School

Here is a picture of the first tiles created by the Zentangle Club students at Davisville Middle School.
For the first tile, we learned the following tangles:

Crescent Moon, Tipple, Static, and Florz.
It was really interesting to see how everybody has their own style and interpretation.

We also had a short time at the end and we used it to do a pass-around tile with group participation and a chance to learn a few more tangles.  These are lighter looking and have less contrast but it was a way to work together by passing the tile to the person next to us after completing the tangle in the  string section.  These tiles include the tangles: Printemps, Keeko, and Msssst.

The students have already chosen the tangles they want to learn next time, and we will be making Zendalas in our third session.

Here are a couple white on black Zendalas that I made recently:

Looking forward to more fun with the enthusiastic Zentangle Club!