Monday, March 24, 2014


The Zentangle Club at Davisville Middle School chose tangling with white pens on black tiles for our second series of classes. We had a great time tangling with white Sakura Gelly Roll pens on black Zentangle tiles, learning new tangles along the way, including the brand new "Rixty". We also had a chance to talk about music preferences for tangling and using white charcoal or white pencils for shading.   On day 3 when we tangled black Zendalas, students chose from a variety of pre-strung or unstrung Zendalas and used tangles of their own choosing.

  All in all a great group of creative and curious kids.  Breathe, Smile, Relax:)  Thank you for the chance to teach Zentangle!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


As many Zentangle enthusiasts know, the Diva Challenge is an opportunity to create a Zentangle using the particular directions of the Diva herself in a given week.  So this week's challenge is to create a duotangle or a Zentangle using two tangles only.  In this case, Crescent Moon and Diva Dance.  I was glad to see these two fun tangles in the challenge and happy to have had a chance to participate. I am not sure how I feel about this tile, as sometimes happens, but I decided, in the true spirit of Zentangle and Diva Challenges to post it anyway.
BeTangled, everyone, and have a good day~

Monday, March 3, 2014

Cumberland Public Library - Zendala Class

With a good sized group, and many returnees from the class in the fall, we had a great Zendala class at Cumberland Public Library on Saturday.  First, we warmed up with an introductory tile with Crescent Moon, Purk, Yincut, and Keenees.

Then we learned several more new tangles including Zander, Paradox, Pepper, Printemps and Keeko.  From there the class participants created Zendalas using their choice of tangles from any of those we learned in this class or in the class in the fall. 

Although time did not permit completion, the Zendalas will be finished at home and you can see how lovely they are and will be.  Many of the students asked if we can have another class and I am certainly game.  It was suggested that the next class be white on black, a favorite of mine.  This is a great group of tanglers and I am more than happy to return to Cumberland Library as soon as we can schedule it.  I will try to post the date on this blog.

Davisville Middle School - Zentangle Club Zendalas

In our third meeting of the Zentangle Club at Davisville Middle School, the students created Zendalas using their own choice of tangles from any of the three sessions we had.  Some had to take time for homework and finish later, but as you can see, the results speak for themselves.  It was a pleasure to work with this group and see the creativity and results of the time spent tangling.