Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Zentangle Club -- Davisville Middle School -- Part 2

Today was to have been meeting number 3 for our Zentangle Club, but, once again, we have a snow day.  So, instead of meeting 3 weeks in a row we are meeting every other week.  Oh well, New England winters are what they are. 

Our second meeting included a review of the tangles and Zentangle language from the first week.  We talked about "no mistakes" and how "anything is possible one stroke at a time".  Even though two weeks had passed the students were able to recall all 7 tangles from the first meeting and also much of the information we covered.

The first thing we did was put together a Zentangle ensemble (puzzle) as a group exercise.  Next, everyone created a tile as we learned the following tangles:  PURK, KNIGHTSBRIDGE, RAIN, and KEENEES.  The students are wonderful tanglers and eager to learn.
Next meeting we'll learn some new tangles and then the students will create Zendalas using their choice of all the tangles we've learned so far.  I can't wait to see what they create.  Let's hope no more snow days.