Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Look! It's a Fairy in the Garden!

What a whimsical and wonderful assignment we had as part of the Diva's Weekly Challenge. Carol Bailey Floyd, CZT, and guest challenger, asked us to create a Zentangle that would be inviting for a garden fairy! I hope the fairy finds her way to a cool shady spot, along with some music, compliments of the G-Clef string my musical husband contributed. For this tile I used some organic-looking tangles a la Rick and Maria, Zentangle founders, plus one called Fern from the multi-talented CZT and renowned quilter, Jane Monk.


  1. I love all the open space..I struggle with that! I keep wanting to fill up every look nook and cranny! LOL! This looks awesome! My tangle

  2. Delightfully delicate tile, Karen! All the different tangles blend so nicely together... and the negative space is tenderly melodic.
    (... I didn't know that Steve is a song writer/musician! What a talented family.)

  3. I can just imagine fairies flying in and out of your delightful Fairyland!