Thursday, March 22, 2012


OK, so Fengle is tangle recently introduced and the focus of this week's Diva Challenge. It requires PRACTICE to get the swing of it and I need some more practice, for sure.  Fengle really does lend itself to lots of possibilities and its a tangle I want to know better.

This week I've also been busy tangling a chair for a community project where the chairs created by local artists will be featured at a silent auction with proceeds going toward the Chariho Art Scholarship Program.  I am almost done with my chair.  An attempt at a color Zentangle featuring Fengle sits on the chair just for fun. I'll take some better photos and share as I complete it.  Thanks to Zentangle, I can actually participate in this project, something I never dreamed I could do!


  1. Love the chair - what are you using to pens, paint or??

  2. Amazing project!! This chair is going to be a big hit!!! Would love to know what type of pen/marker you used.

  3. I am using a Sakura Graphic One. It is tricky working on a painted surface and tangling at odd awkward angles. I did have a bit of smudging here and there and Permapaque markers might be a better time!

  4. You sure understand fengle! Well done. The chair is amazing! Wow oh wow!

  5. The 'Fengles' look like ninja throwing stars ready to fly off the tile! Great movement in this tile.

    And the chair looks great. The basic chair shape is very appealing for this project. Good luck with it, Karen!