Thursday, May 10, 2012

Challenge ~ Groovy!

So, this week's Diva challenge is to use the tangle Groovy from Eden Hunt. You might notice that this tile also includes the two tangles from last week's challenge ~ Strircles and Hybrid.  I figured that since I didn't have a chance to participate last week, I would include them this time around.  I like Groovy and need more practice for sure, but I am posting this tile even though I have reservations about it....rising to the challenge and all that great stuff!


  1. I is very fun to see the challenge pattern, Groovy, puffing out . I also think it was a great idea to include last week's challenge patterns of "strircles and hybrid"!

  2. Nice - strircles contrasts, and hybrid complements! Well done.

  3. Good strong darks help to anchor this piece--I love the Strircles/Knightsbridge variation! It took me a while to see the smaller dark triangle, but once I saw it, I really like how the two triangles have an abstract bow-tie/butterfly presence. If the tile were rotated, I think I'd see a fish swimming toward the Groovy bubble (mouth open).