Saturday, May 19, 2012


This week the Diva challenged us to use sepia or brown in some fashion within the Zentangle tile or ZIA.  I love using color once in a while and then I love going back to black and white!  I created this Zentangle sitting outside enjoying the beautiful weather.  I made a stab at Molly's new tangle Pea-Nuckle, but I had just glanced at the instructions and, well, I should have printed them and brought the instructions with me as I really did not "get" it.  However, with Zentangle and the Diva challenge and life's usual time constraints, I embrace the idea of moving forward no matter what!  Once I posted this, I spotted a cartoon-like smile--- do you see it?  Have a great week everyone!


  1. Isn't it fun the interest that the sepia brings to the challenge, the design is gorgeous!

  2. I like your smile. It is so funny how things "appear" when you photograph them. my Mom saw two sets of teeth in a tangle I did!

  3. Tangling brings out the "smile" in all of us! Great tile. Nice mix of patterns.

  4. That is the fun part in tangling; after it's finished there is sometimes a 'surprise'! Like your tile!

    Annemarie Huijts

  5. Nice combination of patterns. It looks great!

  6. I like it! What's the tangle to the left of Keeko? Great balance of the two colors.

    1. That is a tangle I began using as a variation on crescent moon, but then it took on an unnamed "tangle life" of its own!