Monday, March 3, 2014

Cumberland Public Library - Zendala Class

With a good sized group, and many returnees from the class in the fall, we had a great Zendala class at Cumberland Public Library on Saturday.  First, we warmed up with an introductory tile with Crescent Moon, Purk, Yincut, and Keenees.

Then we learned several more new tangles including Zander, Paradox, Pepper, Printemps and Keeko.  From there the class participants created Zendalas using their choice of tangles from any of those we learned in this class or in the class in the fall. 

Although time did not permit completion, the Zendalas will be finished at home and you can see how lovely they are and will be.  Many of the students asked if we can have another class and I am certainly game.  It was suggested that the next class be white on black, a favorite of mine.  This is a great group of tanglers and I am more than happy to return to Cumberland Library as soon as we can schedule it.  I will try to post the date on this blog.

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