Friday, May 9, 2014

Diva Challenge ~ UMT

Hello Tanglers!  This week the Diva created a new tangle for the challenge.  It's a good one and you can see it and read about it here.

This week I played around with some watercolor pencils that a friend of mine dug out of her art supply stash.  I  decided instead of discarding the tile I played on, I would use it for the challenge and use the Diva's new tangle as a resting spot for the watercolor pencil "Purk" experiment.  Why not?
Happy tangling everyone, and Happy Mother's Day to all.


  1. Glad you did not throw this out. Seeing the Purk nestled in the tangle made me think of the "Pet Rock" craze from decades ago. This is much better though.

  2. Hi Karen,
    I am glad that I found your Blog.
    For some time I learn Zentangle alone. Only from books and the Internet.
    Near me there is no one who loves it too. I am fascinated by Zentangle.
    I'm very much again on your blog.
    Greetings from Germany, * Manja *