Friday, May 2, 2014

Diva Challenge ~ Camelia

Hello Tanglers! In response to this week's Diva Zentangle Challenge I have a couple offerings using the tangle Camelia.  If you would like to see steps to this tangle and the beautiful Zentangles created by Ann Marks, an art teacher in Victoria, Australia,  here is her blog. 

As easy as it may have been for others, this tangle was difficult for me for some reason. I really enjoyed using it on the Zendala even though I made a mistake......repeat after me: "there are no mistakes in Zentangle, there are no mistakes in Zentangle".  As a CZT I always say that in all my classes, so there you go.

I don't always show my ZT tiles to my husband, but he had some great feedback on these.  He thought the Zendala looked "flowery" and the tan tile looks like "pizza and something".  Maybe he's right! 

Happy Tangling!


  1. I don't know about pizza, but it looks like an old cobble stone to me. The zendala is a little organic. If you had used color instead, maybe a little psychedelic. Nice job on both of them.

  2. Both are lovely! Especially I like your wonderful zendala!

  3. I like them both, so different and so beautiful.

  4. Very interesting approach with the Zendala. Nice job!

  5. Cool! - The zendala works beautifully with this tangle!

  6. Love how you've used camelia in a zendala - gorgeous!