Saturday, August 6, 2011

Betweed: More Patterns in Nature

The Zentangle pattern Betweed is so beautiful, and I am not always thrilled with my attempts to make this tangle. Recently I made this tile and took my time and was more pleased with the results. However, the real reason for this post,  is  an amazing discovery of a another "Pattern in Nature"! On my front porch,  organ pipe mud dauber wasps are busy constructing their nests and to me they look a lot like Mother Nature's version of....BETWEED!!
My version of Betweed
Mud Dauber Wasp "Betweed"
If you would like to try this tangle yourself I recommend Rick and Maria's Zentangle YouTube video showing how to tangle Betweed.  Or, ask a mud dauber for a lesson!

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