Thursday, April 24, 2014

Diva Challenge ~ Earth Day

Hello Tanglers and Happy Earth Day!  You guessed it, Earth Day is the theme for the Diva Challenge this week.  Or Earth Amanda Day as the Diva's son Chewie calls it.  Whatever you like to call it, it's a wonderful idea to celebrate taking care of the earth and appreciating all its beauty.  I made a couple tiles with organic-ish tangles for Earth Day.   I've been loving the more flowy curvy tangles lately and taking a break from the more grid based tangles. It's a bit of a different feeling tangling these and I like it!  Anybody else going through an organic phase?


  1. Both of these have an organic flair but also an aquatic flair. In both can almost see them waving with the flow of the water.

  2. Yes, yes, lots of lovely, flowing movement in these elegant tiles, Karen. Axxx

  3. Lovely underwater world organic tangles. The tiles have an airy look (in spite of the underwater).
    Ik vind jouw tile dus ook mooi! Is this Dutch enough :-)

  4. It's really floatting in the water, it's so light! I like it a lot!